Applications for ECOWEEK Prishtina 2016 are now open!

  • Applications for ECOWEEK Prishtina 2016 are now open!

      ECOWEEK Prishtina will be taking place this year for the third time in Prishtina. After the previews success of the last year, counting all 12 workshops and presenters from 60 different countries of the world, the new Edition will start again on this September (10-25).   Applications for participants are now open for all the students/ young professionals of Architecture, Design, Spatial Architecture, Engineering etc. Early Registrations will close on 20 August 2016, Regular Registrations on 28 August 2016 and Last Registration on 3 September 2016. Participants should fill applications online in the official webpage   Beside the program content and the presence of experts who will lead the workshops, what makes this edition even more special is the location at the National Park “Gërmia” in Prishtina where 13 cozy wood cottages will host the participants during the two weeks. Participants will be working in open nature while in the mean time they will design and construct urban structures needed in this place.   This year’s theme is called “Reflection” and each workshop will develop individual topics:  'Reflecting on the Park’  led by Sean Martindenale,  ‘Rethinking Prishtina’ led by Abbas Sbeity, Malak Rahal and Ramona Abdallaha, ‘White Sheets’ led by Despoina Kouinoglou and  Johannes Peter Steidl, ‘Returning Public’ led by  Dastid Ferati, Aleksandra Poljanec and Lulzim Nuza and finally the 'Treehouse' with Dustin Feider, Visar Geci and Blerim Lutolli.   Everything that will be designed and constructed during ECOWEEK will be limited to eco, sustainable or recycled materials, with a focus on local resources. After the design phase, participants will construct these structures with their own hands assisted by their tutors and local workers. The Designs will be developed depending on the nature and the needs of surrounding, with the aim to rely in nature and create attractive and usable structures for the citizens.   “Reflection” aims to provoke a reaction in the society toward the individuality and their relation with the surrounding. Reflective objects and materials will envelope spaces that will be ‘touched’ during the workshops as an effort to make individuals reflect on themselves and society to reflect on what they have created. Mirrors will reflect the green nature of “Gërmia Park” where the base of the workshop will be placed, and also other part of the city, the ones that are frequented the most.   In addition, as it has now turn into a tradition, the afternoon will be as attractive as ever, with movie nights, music bands and cocktail parties for all the participants and everyone else to come and continue the tradition of exchanging experience and celebrate together in a very rich international background.  


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